Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stuff and Things

Things That Suck 
Being horribly ill while your husband is deployed 

Things That Are Awesome 
Harry Potter Marathons while you are sick 
Infinite pots of Lady Grey tea 
The Percy Jackson books 
Sweet notes from blogger friends when I am sick 

So Murphy has arrived to totally wreak my life. In a completely ridiculous twist on expectation, my bed frame broke last week. Apparently all that sleeping alone and reading was too much for it. Luckily I am a master with a screw driver and fixed the darn thing. My dishwasher broke, however that was fixed with a quick call to maintenance. And then I get sick. I pride myself on never getting sick. I have been taking my vitamins and putting tea tree oil on everything trying to prevent any winter sickness. But on Monday morning, boom, I was sick. I am the worst sick person. The few times a decade I am sick, I am miserable. If you have seen The Big Bang Theory, I am the equivalent of Sheldon when he is sick. 

I hope to be back to full strength this weekend for my birthday. I will be turning 25 on Saturday. Fort Drum is supposed to get two feet of snow, so I plan on celebrating by ordering in sushi with friends and watching more Harry Potter. 


  1. Just keep calm and sing soft kitty! :) Hope you have a great Birthday dear!

  2. I love that things that are awesome > things that suck ... Feel better soon!

  3. I am happy to see the suck list being smaller than the awesome list. :)

    I hope you feel better soon. And I hope that the bed frame breaking turns humorous soon. I can just picture you reading and then all of a sudden- bam! Maybe Asha sneezed too forcefully. ;)



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