Saturday, September 15, 2012

Halloween Inspiration

I am itching to start decorating for Halloween. I already have loads of fall themed decor up, but I am waiting on the pumpkins and cobwebs. I am going to hold off till October 1st, but I am already collecting ideas and DIY projects. I have an awesome frame DIY for this week, but I wanted to show some of ideas I have been kicking around. These can all be found on my Holiday Board on Pinterest. 

bat chandelier

This bat chandelier seems little difficult to make, but I love the idea. I want to cut out at least a dozen or so to decorate the front porch. 

spider webs

I just love the traditional spider webs. I plan on decorating our front porch with loads of spider webs. They are super cheap and a great way to decorate on a budget. 

krylon looking glass paint on cheap fake pumpkins

This is going to be a project for next year. I am going to scoop up loads of fake pumpkins once they go on clearance after Halloween. I love that you can take something like pumpkins and still make them chic and stylish. 

I am a huge fan of waiting until after the holiday and buying decorations to use the following year. I got a fabulous Christmas nutcracker for 90% off last year. I can't wait to break it out this year. 

I would love to hear what y'all's plans are for decorating this year. When is it ok to transition your home decor from fall themed to straight up Halloween? 

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  1. Love the pumpkins! Thanks for commenting on my blog :-) Love your name by the way! ;-) hehe


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