Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend we stopped by Thompson Park to enjoy our cider and doughnuts. The weather was gorgeous and our friend snapped a few pictures of Lane and I. I am so excited to get some new pictures of us together. Especially since Lane is leaving this weekend and our 1 year anniversary is Monday.

. I am bummed that he is missing our anniversary, but I am trying to look on the bright side. He will be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I know so many women that have had their husbands miss their children's births or multiple holidays. Our anniversary is not the biggest deal in the whole world. 

Speaking of pictures, I am been planning what kind of pictures I want to take before Lane leaves to mark our first year of marriage. Here are some of the ideas I have kicking around from Pinterest. 

Anniversary picture
anniversary picture idea
 I know I am going to use my gorgeous chalkboard to write something about one year. I am not sure if I am just going to do a big numeral 1 or write something too. I am really excited for these pictures and think that they will be something I hold onto for a long time. I love the idea of having one every year to look back on. I will definitely have to get Asha in at least one. 


  1. I love the first picture with the chalkboard. I had planned on doing that too,but we moved right before our anniversary and I couldn't find my chalkboard! Of course we took a picture anyway because I'm not one to NOT photograph events! :)

  2. Awww happy anniversary! I love the picture ideas! Sad he can't be with you, but good idea focusing on thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

  3. Lovin' the chalk board theme!!! You guys looks adorbs in those photos.... and I love how you're trying to keep positive about him not being there for your anni! Cmas and Thanksgiving are GREAT to think about and they're totes not far away at all!!!

    Keep your chin up girlie, and keep bloggin!

    xxo, Bev


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