Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Blanks

Happy Friday to my lovely readers. This week has been a blur of work, FRG stuff and the destruction Asha decided to inflict on our house this week. I am linking up with Lauren at The Little Things We Do for Fill in the Blank Friday 

1.  My favorite grade in school was  I loved 8th grade and my senior year of high school. I think everyone loves their senior year of high school but I just had great classes and amazing friends.

2.  My favorite teacher was  Mr. Burgess who I had for three different french classes in high school. He encouraged me so much and influenced me to study abroad in France. 

3.  The highest level of education I have completed is a Masters Degree in American Government. I also have my B.A in Political Science. I am glad that I finished my education before all this Army stuff started. My student loan payments are a little painful, but I am grateful that I was able to complete my degree so quickly.

4. School lunches for me were usually from the hot line at school. In high school we had a giant dining hall with loads of options. One of the benefits of boarding school is that the food is typically better than normal high school. We always had the option of cereal or bagels if the food was terrible.

5. The amount of money you'd have to pay me to go back to high school would be I loved high school and as long as the same people were there, I would happily go back. I really like my life now, but I could go for a few months of classes, homework and the smaller worries of high school. Lane and I were high school sweet hearts so I don't have to worry about missing my husband. 

6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are:  pencils, notebooks, falling leaves and seeing the yellow buses start to pull into my neighborhood. 

7.  The first day of school was always my favorite! I love the first day of school. There is such promise in the start of a new school year. Blank notebooks are such a wonderful thing =). 

I have to apologize for my delay in responding to comments. I am going to tackle them this evening. I LOVE getting comments and hearing from my wonderful readers. 


  1. I think you're the only person I've ever heard say that they would love to go back to high school, lol. It's great that you have such fond memories though.

  2. I would never go back to high school, but there are days that I miss being a student. Taking notes, organizing my stuff, studying, I loved all that. Plus, you just show up and learn. Being the teacher takes so much more work!*


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