Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Self Indulgent Picture Post

Yes this post is almost completely pictures of Lane and I from Saturday night. These pictures have been such a comfort to me in the last few days. It makes me want to do a whole other photo session before he deploys. 


I love my little family 

We didn't save any of our cake, so I made some paleo carrot cake muffins. We had a carrot cake for our wedding cake, and these were the closest I could get. 

To make the background I hung three strands of patio lights from nails at about 6.5 feet high. I used floral wire to secure the lights to the nails at each juncture. There were three babies over plus Asha. I didn't want the lights to come tumbling down. I already had the Mr. and Mrs signs from the wedding and simply printed out a quick "I Love Her" "I Love Him". This set up was really really easy and made for some adorable pictures. 

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