Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Wednesday of Fall

This week fall has officially arrived to the North Country. It is cold in the morning, and sunny but brisk in the evening. I know that I will be singing a different tune, but I am loving the colder weather right now. I felt like there was just perpetual summer last year. I am ready for apple picking, corn mazes and watching the leaves change. I had fall in mind for a few of the things I am loving this week. I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Am Loving Wednesday

1. My Fall Wreath! I made this in about thirty minutes yesterday afternoon. I went to Michaels for a new glue gun (Asha destroyed mine) and saw that loads of things were on sale. I made this entire wreath for under $5.00. The base was $2.99. I bought a bag of fake leaves for $.99 and a few sticks of fake berries at $.79. Michaels keeps giving me coupons and I am powerless to resist. 

2. My job moved to a different building, but I know have my own desk. I have shared with some of the other advisers, but now I actually have my own space. It is a wonderful feeling. I can't wait to start teaching in a few weeks and get even more integrated with JCC.

I love this tea pot
3. My Sunday morning routine with my wonderful husband. We watch Saturday night's Doctor Who and drink tea. Despite our deeply ingrained American identity, we both have secret British sides that we like to embrace.

4. I made paleo shortbread using a variation on this recipe. Oh my goodness it was delicious. It was so easy to make and cooks in 15 minutes. We have started eating unsalted butter again and this was the perfect recipe to bring butter back into our lives. 

5. I have been on a DIY spree this week (more details to come) and love the sense of accomplishment with a finished project. Here is some of my Pinterest inspiration from this week. 

I love that sign
My Kitchen Board on Pinterest
I will make a Food= Love print for my house. I have a few extra frames kicking around and this seems like a quick and easy project.

DIY starburst mirror
My DIY Board on Pinterest
I really want to make a sunburst mirror. I have all sorts of ideas, I just need to find the perfect mirror. I am planning a Hobby Lobby trip while Lane is in California. I know they have the cheap mirrors that are actually meant to sit under a candle. If I can't find something at the thrift store or Salvation Army I will try there. 

Happy Fall and Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Stopping by on the WILW link up! I love your wreath! Great find on the sale items! I'm determined to make my very first fall wreath this year! Also love your pinterest finds! I grew up in New England but not live in Texas so I'm so jealous that you will get to see the leaves change and pick apples!

  2. Love that wreath! Only 5 dollars?! I may just have to head on over to Michael's! And I LOVE that tea set! So adorable! Where did you get it?


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