Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Year Gifts

embossed return address
Thank you for all the love yesterday! I am so excited to continue to talk about our anniversary and how we celebrated. The traditional first year gift is paper. We decided that we would rather get one gift together rather than each buying each other something. We purchased an embosser from paper source with our new address in New York. 

VIA Paper Source

I really think this is the perfect choice for us. I love that we can continue to purchase new plates throughout our lives and keep a record of the places we have lived. It is not strictly paper, but I think it absolutely counts a paper-ish gift for our first anniversary. 

address embossers 

This is the style we chose. I like the larger single monogram in the middle. Our address barely fit, but we squeezed it in. 

I am so excited to use our embosser on all our Christmas cards this year. What did y'all do for your first anniversary gifts? I have seen so many cute ideas on blogs and of course Pinterest I am already thinking about our second anniversary which has the traditional gift of cotton. 


  1. We did paper gifts too. He gave me a bunch of board games (which was creative because I was sure he'd buy me scrapbooking things!) and I made him a map out of scrapbook paper.

  2. Happy (late) anniversary! I think an embosser is a really creative first anniversary gift. It will make addressing Christmas cards that much more fun!

  3. So pretty! And something about an embosser feels so fancy. My big brother got married on Saturday, and my wedding gift was a custom stamp (from etsy) with his & his wife's name and address. I'm hoping they send me a letter soon so I can see it in action!*


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