Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bring On 2013

I have been wrestling with my goals and New Year's Resolutions for 2013. Lane will be deployed for the vast majority of 2013, and this initially limits my goals to pretty much "don't lose my damn mind". However, I refuse to write off an entire year just because I will be husband-less. I have all sorts of small goals like do a pull-up and organize my closet, but these are all tiny in comparison to my larger goal.


My goal for 2013 is to Thrive. I want to be stronger physically and mentally. I want to develop my friendships and come out of this deployment a better person, friend and wife. I believe I can thrive physically, through continuing to work out and eating food that nurtures my body. I can thrive socially by spending time with friends and continuing to participate in the FRG. I can thrive in my marriage by supporting Lane regardless of the distance and using the separation to improve our communication skills.
All the other stuff I am really just viewing as deployment goals. I have a list of things I want to accomplish during each month of the deployment (including my blog series "DIY-ing It Through Deployment"). I just want to be happy and take this year to focus on my health and my house.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? I would love to hear about what you hope to accomplish during the upcoming year. 


  1. I love the determination in this post! I think your goals are definitely attainable! There were times while my husband was gone that I was stressed to the max, and yet I found that I ate better, worked out more, slept more, drank more water. I really took care of myself better than I ever had before in my life. (Minus the stress, but to a certain extent, that's unavoidable during deployment.)

    I don't have any real resolutions this year. I'm so happy where I'm at in my life, I just want to enjoy the ride!*

  2. I really love this post and it has given me some great ideas myself! I dread the day that I have to go through deployment, it just seems like a dark cloud hovering over me. I do like the idea of trying to "diy" through deployment though!

  3. you can do it friend!!!! just continue to remind yourself every day... this is a new beginning!! this year is all about YOU and doing what makes you happy! life is too short to let time pass without partaking in the fun!

    hubs being gone means time to focus on YOU!!! let's do this! xoxo


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