Monday, January 14, 2013

Bring A Little Americana Into Your Life

I have been in love with this cutting board from Target since I first saw the Curiosity Shop collection a few months ago. It finally went on clearance, and I snagged one up today. This may have been part of my master "Buy Things To Feel Better About Deployment Plan". 
The Curiosity Shoppe at Target® America Cutting Board
The Curiosity Shop- Target
This has inspired me to find more ways to include some Americana in my home. We already have an American Flag in the staircase, but I am feeling a need for some more examples of patriotism. Here are some of the projects I have in mind. 
painted flag from wood pallet .
Original Source      On Pinterest
I have tons of pallet wood lying around from various projects. I would love to make a flag like this. It wouldn't be too challenging, and would be a perfect addition to all the pallet art I already have in my house. 

I also want a print of Avenue In The Rain. I have loved this painting since I first saw it hanging in the fictional Oval Office in the West Wing. 
Hassam, The Avenue in the Rain
Avenue In The Rain
I am excited to add a little more patriotism to my house. 


  1. Love that pallet flag! And I saw another blog friend who got that same cutting board- jealous! ;)

  2. that cutting board is awesome! I've seen the ones of different states before (luckily New Mexico,where I'm from, would have a decent space to cut things on!), but I really like the whole United States shape!

  3. I love that cutting board. I may or may not have purchased it on impulse because I'm having a slightly less than fabulous day (and my husband isn't even deployed).

    Thinking of you!


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