Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year In Review

This was a pretty exciting year for us, and I am hopping on the bandwagon and doing a year in review. I meant to publish this yesterday, but it can be my introduction into 2013 instead. 

We celebrated the New Year in Georgia and started getting ready to move to Fort Drum. 
I started this little blog =) 

We PCS'ed to Fort Drum and started getting used to all the snow. 

Oh March, this was a rough month for us. We were living in hotels and waiting for our house to become available. I got food poisoning and never cooked. Hotel living is not as much fun as I thought. 

The sun began to shine again and we moved into our awesome house. I was also hired by the local community college to start advising and teaching for them. 
I traveled home to Georgia for a wedding and to visit family 

We spent most of May getting settled into our house. Not very exciting. 

We got Asha! 
This and PCS'ing were the biggest events of this year. 

I finished training and started working as a more regular employee in the advising office. We traveled home to Virginia during block leave to visit Lane's parents and spend a day in D.C. We also made the trip south to visit VMI and Blacksburg. 

I started working more hours in the advising office. I was supposed to start teaching, but due to low enrollment my class was canceled.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary and Lane left for NTC. 

Lane was gone for most of October, but returned on Halloween in time to hand out candy. I also taught my first college class. I ran my first 5K in Syracuse. October was a really good/hard month. I got back into the groove of being husband-less, and made some great friends in my neighborhood. 

Photo: I am mostly posting this to horrify my parents

Lane was promoted to 1st LT and we headed down to Virginia for Thanksgiving.

We went to the Brigade Ball and ugly sweater parties. We traveled to New Jersey and took Asha on a plane.

I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us. 2012 was a pretty big year, and was definitely one of the best of my life. It was my first full year of being married, my first year of being a dog owner, and my first year  of living on Fort Drum. I hope 2013 brings more friends, a greater sense of responsibility at work, and a safe and fast deployment.

Tune in tomorrow for my goals for 2013. 


  1. Sounds like a very busy year! And holy wow Asha used to be so tiny!

  2. It seems as though you've had a full year, but a good year! I'm wishing you and Lane all the best in 2013. Deployment will be tough, but y'all have been through some tough stuff already; there's no reason that you can't handle this with grace and confidence. I'll be keeping y'all in my thoughts. Don't hesitate if there's anything I can do to help you out while he's gone!*


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