Thursday, January 3, 2013

New York At Christmas

I am pretty sure that there is nothing more wonderful than NYC at Christmas. On December 23rd we headed into the city to visit some friends and take in the sights. We headed down to East Village for an amazing brunch with some college friends. The weather was very cooperative, so we decided to walk uptown. This ended up being a journey of about 70 blocks to The Met. Although the day was gorgeous, it is really seeing all the lights at night that makes the trip worthwhile. We had an absolute blast seeing the incredible decorations in all the huge department stores. Here are some random pictures from the day trip. 

The incredible ( and edible looking) soap at Sabon 

Kisses in front the Library Lions 

30 Rock Plaza Christmas Tree 

Chrysler Building 

More 30 Rock 

One of my favorite pictures, Grand Central at night 

Christmas-y Empire State Building 

If you ever have the chance to visit NYC at Christmas, you absolutely must go. Have any of y'all been to Manhattan at Christmas? What are some of your favorite sites? 

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  1. Cute picture of y'all kissing in front of the library! I love New York! I've been twice but never at Christmas time. (Although I did get engaged there, so I guess I can't complain.) My BFF went a few years ago at Christmas time, and she raved about how great it was. Glad you and Lane had a great time!*


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