Sunday, January 6, 2013

Italy Update

Trevi Fountain wishes. One of my wishes was return to Rome and I am getting my wish! 
I have mentioned a couple of times that my parents are taking us (my siblings and I) to Europe this summer for two weeks. I have been put in charge of planning, which is pretty much my dream job. This trip will fall almost half way through deployment, and will be the perfect distraction. 
We have found a villa to rent in Italy, and now I have started looking at apartments to rent in Paris. When you have six people, renting one apartment can be cheaper than two or three hotel rooms. 

I have started think about what I want to wear during the trip. My plan right now is to just bring a back pack. I will have access to laundry at least twice during the two week stay My packing list thus far looks like this. 

1. Jeans- Wear on the plane to save space 
2. Two button down shirts 
3. Two Brightly colored sundresses for days in the city 
4. Skirt 
5.. Leggings for overnight trains and just hanging out
6. Two T-shirts to go with jeans or leggings 
7. Bathing Suit 
8. Two light scarves 
9. Sweater- Wear on the plane to save space 
10. Two Tank tops 

I will probably stick to neutral colors for everything but the dresses. I like these suggestions for Joanna at A Cup of Jo.  Mara at M Loves M also has some great suggestions

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