Sunday, January 20, 2013

Break In Our Regularly Scheduled Depressing Posts

Ok, I have two more deployment related posts to go then the sad stuff will be over. Today is all about Valentine's Day cards. Even though I am husband-less this Valentine's Day, I have been perusing cards on Etsy. I ordered three so far. I actually plan on framing a few of these, but some will make their way to Afghanistan. 

DR WHO Letterpress Valentine
On Etsy
Ok, so this is pretty nerdy. However, I love this card. I would love to be swept away by the Doctor and travel the universe. 

I Love your Love the Most card
On Etsy
I am obsessed with the Eric Church song, and loved this the second I saw it. 

I also bought this one from the same shop. 

You are my Sunshine card
On Etsy
Clearly this card is fitting for my current situation.

Missing you Card " I'll be right here Waiting for you " Greeting Card. I miss you Card. Long Distance Relationship Card.
On Etsy
I love buying cards from Etsy. Sometimes they are too pretty to send off to the desert and deserve to be framed on the wall. 

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  1. Cute cards!!! I agree that those should be framed. And now I have that Eric Church song stuck in my head. Thanks Molly! ;)


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