Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Lovin

I am finally turning my focus away from deployment and returning to one of my favorite link-ups, What I Am Loving Wednesday with Jaime

1. I am loving all the incredible emails of support I have been getting from other bloggers about my husband's  deployment. Whether it was from other military spouses, or other wonderful women, I have been feeling the love and support. 

2. I am so grateful for internet. I have been able to stay positive by focusing on how many luxuries I have compared to military spouses of previous generations. Women in WWII sent their husbands overseas with no idea the next time they would see them. Years went by with no R&R or Skype. I have been able to chat with my husband a couple times since he left, and I am so thankful. So I am absolutely loving the internet. 

3. I am loving the Presidential Inauguration Parade. My high school and Virginia Military Institute (where Lane went to school) both marched in the parade. I loved seeing both of these places featured in the parade. I am proud of both of them! 

4. I am loving giant mugs of tea. They are my go to comfort, and I have been a tea drinking machine. My nightly ritual is to make a pot of tea, get on the couch with Asha, and watch an episode or two of 30 Rock. Not even a little bit exciting or glamorous, but very satisfying.

5. I am loving my husband. Even know we are thousands of miles apart, I feel so very lucky to be his wife. 


  1. Have a great Wednesday! Hang in there! You are strong and your husband is doing great things!

  2. I loved watching the inauguration! It's one of those things that just makes you feel really American. And the fashions were fun to scope out, too!*


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