Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I Miss

(This was supposed to publish yesterday)
Well this is probably the easiest question ever for the Blog Every Day in May. 

What Do You Miss? 
See You in the fall 
I miss my husband. I miss hearing him come home after PT. I miss watching our favorite TV shows together. I miss all those little moments that together paint the picture of your life together. We still have our life together, just  colored with Skype, fb chat, and sweet letters that take a month to arrive. 

There are other things I miss, but they are dwarf in comparison to how much I miss Lane. I miss my parents. I miss our cabin in the North Georgia mountains. I miss my high school days in boarding school. 

Man I really didn't think this post would get so sad. I miss all of those things, but they are still present in my life. They just aren't there as often as I want them to be. I am so excited to be going home this month! I can't wait to soak up time with my parents and enjoy my hometown.

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