Monday, May 6, 2013

What I Do

"If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question 'what do you do?'"

This is the "Blog Every Day in May" prompt for today. Now this question hit me like a ton of bricks. I closely identify my self worth with my job. It doesn't matter what my job has been throughout the years, I always consider my job to be a large part of my identity. This probably explains why I completely fell apart last year when I arrived at Fort Drum and couldn't find a job. I think it is important to have an identity outside of your profession, so this post is almost like therapy for me. 

I take my puppy to the dog park and do everything possible to make sure she is a happy, healthy, well behaved dog.

I show my husband that I love him. This can be challenging during deployments, but I try to show him through letters, care packages, sweet e-mails, pictures and everything else I can think of. 

I try to figure out how to use my new camera. I try to capture memories and events that make my heart happy. 

I help people.  I try to live by the idea that every interaction I have should make someone's day better. Do I fail at this? All the time. However, I keep trying. 

I plan. I am a complete planner. I like to plan out the next five years, the next week or just the next few hours. I have never met a to-do list I didn't like. 

So these are a few things that I do. I would love to hear what y'all do besides your job. If you feel so inspired, go link up with Jenni


  1. I misread "I help people" as "I hate people". Not something I expected to hear you say! ;)

    How do you like your new camera? I'm still thinking about getting that kind.

  2. Hi just visiting as a fellow may blogger. You can never take enough photographs in my book...I so want a proper camera!

  3. You also do insane handstands! And you lift. And you inspire with your positivity whether you know it or not. :)

  4. I've always felt the same way about my work being a big part of my identity. I think it comes from not wanting to be "just a military wife". That I am more than a wife, I am an educated and driven woman with my own career and goals. But I think I've learned that a personal identity is much more than just what you "do", it's who you are as a person, outside of the actions that you do in your daily life.


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