Friday, May 10, 2013

Military Spouse Appreciation Friday

Hello weekend =)
Work was fully crazy this week with everyone getting ready to start the summer session. I can usually squeeze in some blogging at work, but that was just not a possibility this week. Hence all of the super short posts. I am linking up with Lauren to celebrate all of the awesome things that happened this week.

Today is also Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I can't tell you how much I love all of my other milspouse bloggers. Y'all have been some of the best supporters during this deployment. Lots love to all of you!

1. High Five that I made it to the gym every day this week.
Every muscle in my body hurts and my palms look like someone took a cheese grater to them. However, it feels great that I pushed myself this week and did some serious work on pull ups.

2. High Five for being ahead of the game
I was under the impression that Mother's Day was last weekend. So I might have sent out my cards out a week early. My mom and MIL both got theirs last week. Even though they were way early, I'm glad they got there on time.

3. High Five for fitness goals. 
I back squatted my body weight today at the gym. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I got up to 135 and knew that if I could manage that, it was just a short jump to my body weight. (Sorry y'all not quite brave enough to post my weight on the internet). This wasn't one of my initial goals, but it felt awesome to hit that milestone.  Oh, I also held an unassisted handstand for much longer than I ever have before.

4. High Five for well behaved dogs.
Life is so much easier when Asha is not acting like a crazy maniac.

5. High Five for good friends.
Shannon and I surprised our friend with a mom's day out. I am taking her out for coffee and TJ Maxx shopping while Shannon watches her kids. I can't imagine going through deployment with children. It is hard enough with just myself and Asha.

Happy Friday!

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