Thursday, December 6, 2012

Styling From Pinterest

Thursdays are officially my new favorite blogging day. I love showing off the crafts I have managed to actually accomplish from the thousands of projects I pin each day. I am linking up with Stephanie and Katie Today is all about styling. I love all the gorgeously styled bookshelves and coffee tables you can find on Pinterest. I have tried to style some of my own shelves in a similar manner. Here are a few of my inspirations, and the result. 

I have a few of these Penguin Classics. They are gorgeous
Original Source
chalkboard with a gold frame and ampersand.
Original Source
I have that same Chanel book and an antler, may have to replicate
Original Source

How did I do? I love the antler and stacked book combination. I already had some of the gorgeous penguin books. The bottom shelves aren't quite as a close match, but I still love them.

Happy Pinning! 

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  1. This antlers! Where did you get them? At my parents house I keep hoping to find some in the woods but no luck.


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