Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Year Post Graduation

One year ago today I bundled up, met my family, and drove onto Fort Benning to watch Lane graduate from Ranger School. Some of my very first blog posts were about Ranger School, and they remain some of my most popular. I remember how excited I was to pin on his tab, and just completely relieved that it was over. Ranger School is much harder than a two months apart should be. The zero contact is rough, but the constant variance in how long they might be gone is worse. Every few weeks they might be going on to the next phase, or it could be another two months until you get your husband back. 

I wrote this in my first Ranger post, and I will say it again now. If any girls going through this stumble upon this little blog and have questions or need help; please let me know. 


  1. I agree that going without contact is so so hard. My husband is not a Ranger, but when he was in Basic, we didn't talk for weeks at a time. I was not prepared for that. Making it through that experience is good deployment preparation.*

  2. Happy one year to your hubs!!! What an amazing accomplishment he has reached, and for you to be by his side no matter what... you are just as amazing (if not more)!!


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