Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend in Connecticut

Wrong name on my Starbucks, but happy to be flying! 
I love family, but I really love family who have their own airplanes. Lane's uncle flew up on Friday to bring me down to CT for a family weekend. I had an absolutely blast. My weekend consisted of: 

At least six trips to Starbucks in three days 

One night spent watching the local theater put on Caberet. Walked away scandalized and depressed, just like you're supposed to. 

Reading both Divergent and Insurgent in two days (Is it October yet?) 

Three rounds of board games with the most competitive family ever. 

And the best part....

One surprise Skype session with Lane. 

I had talked to Lane earlier about skyping with his whole family while I was visiting. I stepped into another room to get the call set up. I asked his mom to look at my computer to get her opinion on fabric for the pillows. Instead of pretty samples, she saw Lane's smiling face instead. She immediately burst into tears. We all got to chat for an hour and it was wonderful. I love weekends like this. I was pretty exhausted by the end, but it was awesome to soak up so much time with them. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. 

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  1. Omg girl. You just earned Daughter-In-Law Of the Year status with that one. How sweet are you! Sounds like a fun weekend. And YES- family with planes are pretty awesome. ;)


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