Monday, July 22, 2013

Deployment Weeks Twenty Five and Twenty Six

I feel like I stop thinking about blogging for just a second, and two weeks fly by. I will try to be better, but honestly my heart just hasn't been in it recently. Work and dog sitting have taken up a lot of my time, and I would rather spend the remaining bits out in the sunshine.

I am going to do another combined week post for my deployment updates. These are important to me, as I want to remember everything I accomplished and felt while Lane was gone. 

After the 4th of July holiday, I really jumped into work. This is peak advising season, and my mind is starting to think in only 55 minutes increments (the length of one of our MWF classes).

Shannon and I finally made it out to Alexandria Bay, and basked in the gorgeousness that is the Thousand Islands. I cannot wait to get back out there and enjoy the water. I just need to find friends with boats. 

I had heard that this point in the deployment can be rough. You are close enough to start thinking about homecoming, but still too far away to really make any plans. I am definitely getting a little more frustrated. It isn't even sadness or anxiety. I am just annoyed that he isn't back yet. I know that after six months this is pretty pathetic considering other women have gone eighteen months. But nonetheless, that is how I feel. I know we are so lucky to have had such great internet access, and I will always be grateful for that.

Deployment Gratitude 
1. Playing on a swing set with with a vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream cones on a gorgeous Sunday night.
2. Days when Lane can get online for more than a few minutes.
3. I am grateful to be less than three months away from seeing my husband. I can't wait for September to arrive, and I can really start preparing for homecoming.
4. A job that I truly love. Even on days where it is overwhelming and stressful.

Happy Picture

This is from our Christmas card picture a friend took for us last fall. I love how alert and excited Asha looks.

Deployment Projects
Yay progress!
My MIL made me the most fabulous pictures for our living room. Here is a sneak peak of the fluffiest member of our family cuddling on top of them.

I also got some serious work done on our new coffee table and chair. Wood filler and my hand sander have been my best friends. More pictures are forthcoming.

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  1. Asha is just too adorable. I love those pillows.


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