Monday, July 1, 2013

Deployment Week Twenty Three

*I write these posts to keep track of the weeks during my husband's deployment. Each posts includes one happy picture, what I am grateful for each week, and updates on my ongoing projects*

Almost on schedule with my weekly updates. I have been all over the place with these, but theoretically I would like to post them every Saturday. This week had some hard moments. I have been dealing with some horrendous stomach pain that flares up every time I eat. According to my horrifying time with WebMD I am either dying, have gallstones, or just eat too many acidic foods and drink too much coffee. This definitely put a damper on my weekly goals of working out and eating well. I finally started feeling better on Friday. I hit the gym on the Saturday and we did the first round of our countdown to homecoming workout.

Those 99 push ups were brutal. I am heading back today to knock 95-90 out of the way.

Happy Picture 

This picture is from about two weeks after our wedding. I was dropping Lane off for Ranger School. I would see him again in a few weeks for his eight hour pass, and then not again until December for graduation. I was really nervous dropping him off, but I am so proud of how well he did (no recycles!). 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful for July! Turning that calendar every month is awesome. I love seeing the time fly by. By the end of this month we will be less than 3 months away. Cannot wait for that homecoming. 

2. I am grateful for Asha. She has been very cuddly recently, and I love her sweet face. 

3. Surprise evenings. Saturday night we had been planning on seeing a movie, but found out that a local theater group was putting on a musical. Our friend's son was in the play and we had a fabulous time. 

4. I have been on the hunt for protein powder that wouldn't be all grainy in smoothies and mixed with almond milk. I finally found some and absolutely love it. I am excited to replace my fruit smoothies with these. Twenty grams of protein and almost no sugar. 

Deployment Projects  
I have really just been focusing on my chair. Once that is complete I will move on to the ottoman. My MIL is making pillow covers for me and I will get them this weekend. 

Things to Buy: 
Bookshelf for the office 
Love seat for the living room 


  1. I could never IN A MILLION YEARS do 99 pushups. I've managed to do 10 a day for over a week and I'm barely surviving. ;)

  2. Is the protein powder you found a national brand? I've been looking one that's high in protein, low in sugar, not grainy, and it sounds like you hit the jackpot!

    1. I use the AMP Whey Protein in the chocolate flavor. I got mine at GNC. My friend has the same flavor in vanilla and it was pretty good too. It has about 20 grams of protein per scoop.


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