Friday, July 12, 2013

Bike Time

So I have reached that point in the deployment where we are started to actively plan activities for when he get's home. It feels slightly like tempting fate, but I am willing to stick in my baby toe. A few weeks after his theoretical return date, we are taking a motorcycle safety class in preparation for our next big purchase. Come November we will be the proud owners of a Harley.

 My mom thinks I am crazy, but it was actually my idea. We don't want another car payment. We also don't want to buy another car that will only seat five people ( really three if Asha is coming along).We can get a bike in awesome condition for the price of a really junky used car. Our plan right now is to stick with the bike and our current car for a few years. Once babies start coming along, then we will think about getting another (larger car). 

Any other motorcycle owners? 


  1. My husband just loves motorcycles. He recently sold his old one and is looking for another. They really are great when it comes to gas.

  2. Hoq fun! Do it while you can! We need pictures when this happens!


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