Monday, August 26, 2013

Deployment Week Twenty Seven

So close to thirty weeks! I feel like that is going to be a big milestone. I have been saying for months that he is coming home in the fall, and now the fall actually seems pretty close. I am expecting August to have it's own stressful aspects, but overall I am just ready to get more concrete planning done. 

Week twenty seven was pretty self indulgent. Shannon, my deployment battle buddy, was gone. That meant lots of solo gym trips and lots of other play dates for Asha. Work felt really manageable, which is a nice change of pace from feeling totally overwhelmed a few weeks ago. I do miss my part time hours, but the dent we are putting in our student loan dent makes the extra hours worth it. I watched a season and a half of Supernatural, and plan to plow through the last three seasons before Lane comes home. 

Happy Picture 

My cousin snapped this while we were waiting for formal portraits. I was just so excited to be married!

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful for lovely weather. Summer in the North Country is really gorgeous. I am ready for it to get cool, signally the beginning of fall. However, I am going to soak up these long warm days while I can. 
2. I am grateful to modern medicine. 
3. I am grateful for on post housing at Fort Drum. I am so lucky to have my house, and I love my neighborhood.

Deployment Projects 
So many are nearing completion, and I will share more soon. 

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  1. Yay for another week down! So looking forward to homecoming pictures and I can already tell you I will be bawling my eyes out while I look at them.


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