Monday, August 26, 2013

Deployment Week Ending 8/24

Alright, I am going to crank out these posts like a machine. I know I let myself get totally behind, and Lane rightfully reminded me that I will be very sad not to have these memories a year from now. This deployment has seemed never ending, but marking our progress each week makes it seem much more manageable.

This week, like the last few has been dominated by the gym and work. I am pushing it hard these last weeks to make sure that I look and feel my best when Lane gets back. That means quite a few workouts that look like the above picture. Here are some of my favorite combinations: 

100 foot rope pull 
25 meter suicide 
250 meter row 
100 jump rope reps 
X 4 

10 push ups 
25 meter sled push @ 130 lbs 
10 air squats 
X 4 

In terms of my feelings about this deployment, I am a little mixed. Thoughts that his homecoming date might have been earlier than previous imagined were crushed with a more definite window. This is awesome because it makes the return more real in my mind, but it also cancels out that little voice that had hoped he would be returning early. Writing this today, I feel much more positive and motivated to knock out the rest of this deployment. If Molly from February could see me now she would be furious. She was looking at 8 months to go, I need to soldier up and be thankful I have less than 2 left. 

Happy Picture 

One our engagement pictures taken in front of a random house's garage in Georgetown. Can you tell from my face how I much I love that boy. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. Amazing internet access for Lane in Afghanistan. I am constantly grateful that Lane has access due to his job. I know many women who go much longer without talking to their husbands. Also, my job has me in front of a computer all day. This means I can sneak in and chat with him in between appointments. 

2. North Country summers. We went raspberry picking on Sunday and it was absolutely gorgeous. I will say it 1,000 times. The summer and fall in Fort Drum more than make up for the winter. I can't wait for corn mazes and apple picking with Lane after his return. 

3. My parents are coming to visit. I can't wait to take them to my favorite places and let them experience my life here. We are going to take an overnight trip to Niagara Falls and I can't wait. 

Deployment Projects 

I finished my little bench. It will eventually go at the foot of our bed, for now it is in the living room. I love how the bright blue fabric looks with the robin's egg blue legs. This was a super quick and easy project. The corners need work, but I am happy for now. I also am almost done with my chair and coffee table. Those need to be done soon, because I want the living room more finished before my parents arrive. 

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  1. I just ordered that HRM today! So excited! Nick is leaving for training Wednesday so I am going to refresh my workout routine with all the extra time on my hands!


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