Friday, August 30, 2013

Deployment Week Ending 8/31

Can I just get an Amen that classes have started? I know that school is stressful for all of the students coming back, but it is also a complete hot mess for those of us who work in administration. I have done so many schedule adjustments this week that my head started spinning. At one ( very low and tired ) point during the day I might have accidentally started looking at the course schedule from last spring trying to find open classes. Low point. 

However, this week is over and stress free living is right around the corner. Next week I am only working a few days, and get to watch my battle buddy welcome her husband home from Afghanistan. Cannot wait =) 

Happy Picture 

Random picture from the summer of 2009. I was getting ready to start my last year at UGA and we spent some time at the lake that summer. This summer was also the first time we really lived together, even for only a month. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful that on-post housing has a whole maintenance department. It is so very nice to just call someone and have them come out and fix whatever has gone terrible wrong in my house. This week is cracks in my tile floor which hurt like crazy if you catch your foot on the side. 

2. I am grateful for the end of the busy season. The money has been fabulous, but I am ready to slow down a little and spend more time preparing for homecoming and seeing friends and family. 

3. A job that I love. Even on the crazy days where I want to mainline caffeine, I really do love what I do. 

Deployment Projects 
I still can't remember to take pictures of my completed furniture. The coffee table is done. Now all I really have are cleaning tasks that need to be accomplished before Lane returns. 

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