Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dexterous and Deadly

Last week I helped out a friend and watched her dogs while she was out of town. They are good buddies with Asha and I just kept them at the house most of the time. However, having three dogs sleep over ended up being a total disaster. The second night I kept them till fairly late and then walked them home. Asha is pretty good at getting doors open, so I made sure to lock the garage door behind me. She was not a fan of me taking away her boys, and I could hear her fussing as we were leaving. 
Now it is maybe a five minute walk, there and back, from their house. I dropped them off and headed back home. As I approached my garage, I could see the house door cracked open and Asha's nose attempting to open it further. The inevitable has happened; Asha unlocked a door. She somehow used her little paws to turn the lock from vertical to horizontal. I am so relieved that she didn't actually get out of the house. Given another ten seconds she would have been free and clear to roam around as she pleased. 

This makes me even more determined that crating is the right option for us. She is very happy to snooze in her crate while I am at work. I am scared now that left free in the house she would decide to take herself for a walk. 

Anyone else have freakishly clever dogs?


  1. My dog is thankfully not smart enough to get into that kind of trouble, but when we were still in Germany, we dog sat our neighbors' crazy Germany shepherd puppy, Eli. Eli can open doors too and he would just run circles in the backyard barking and barking. He was so cute but so exhausting!

    1. Cute but exhausting is the definition of Asha. She has been able to open doors for a while, it is the unlocking that is truly terrifying =)

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad my dogs haven't figured this out yet! We have tried crating them though, and the little stinkers have figured out how to escape from those!

  3. Oh my gosh! huskies are too smart for their own good! Achilles can work zippers :)


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