Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And Then There Was One

I am in the sort of odd (and sad position) of really being the last of my friends to have their husband's return from Afghanistan. Some are already back, and some have homecoming dates weeks before I will see Lane. Now, I completely understand that in the long run a few weeks is not a big deal. However, telling that to the jealous side of my brain has been really difficult. 

I am legitimately happy for them. I understand that their husbands' return has nothing to do with when I will see mine again. But it is still weird. We have been existing as a little happy group of single ladies for eight months. Now, people are getting back to their normal married lives. It isn't even about jealous, it is more that the routine we have developed is falling apart. Routine is the greatest source of strength during a deployment. Dealing with Lane's absence is much harder when my normal schedule is disrupted. 

My greatest mantra during this time has been "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats". One person's happiness lends itself to the greater happiness. I know that at the exact same time that I get my husband back, one of the other brigades will be deploying. It is futile and frustrating to constantly compare your situation to those around you. 


  1. Stay strong and may you be reunited with your hubby soon!! :)

  2. Oh Molly. :( that is such a tough spot to be in. I wish I could come hang out with you for these last few weeks to try and take your mind off the ever-so-slowly passing of time. Just wanna hit up a Target and drink some coffee/wine with you!!

    Almost there! You've done so much! Huge hugs from across the ocean!!

    PS. Get those husbands to do some man chores for you around the house so Lane won't have to when he gets home ;)

  3. Definitely been there before, and it's hard! One of my good friends who was my best support while my husband was deployed got her husband home about 3 weeks before mine came back and it was so hard to be basically left alone for those 3 weeks. Of course I understood that she needed time with her husband, I would have done the same thing! But it's still tough to have your routine and support go away, especially when you are so close to homecoming and the weeks seem to be dragging by!

    1. I am in pretty much the same boat. I am very happy for them, but it is definitely hard to make such a sudden change in routine. I will be so relieved to finally have my husband home in a few weeks.

  4. Ugh, I HATE that point with deployments. It's so hard to be happy for them and hopeful for yourself. And I know what you mean about missing that close-knit group once they start getting their normal back. Hopefully your homecoming is on its way very soon?! Stay strong!!!

  5. Hugs! While I don't know exactly what you are going through, our last deployment was similar. The guys were stationed in Germany, but since Stephen got assigned there so close to the deployment, I stayed in Texas. When they came back from deployment, I couldn't be there when they arrived and had to wait until they got leave weeks later to be reunited. He wasn't in harms way, but our separation ended up being weeks longer than it would have been otherwise.

    All that to say that I completely empathize with where you are coming from. The end can be tough because you start to get antsy. Keep your head up!


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